May 4: Get a Job at the FringeFAIR

The NYU Office of Government and Community Affairs is happy to promote the following free and public event from one of our neighbors:  

FringeFAIR is a FringeNYC-specific job fair held annually. It is an opportunity to meet FringeNYC staff and discuss the positions that are available. If you are unable to attend FringeFAIR, please send an e-mail (and resume if available) to STAFFING@FringeNYC.ORG. 

Sunday, May 4, 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Stipended Staff Positions: We have two stipended positions available at each of our 20 venues (Box Office Managers & Venue Directors) and one at FringeCENTRAL. These positions are light very commitment from May through June, and then things pick up a bit, and then during FringeNYC, it is a “more-than-full-time FringeNYC is your life” kind of gig. Learn More

Venue Production Assistants: Serve as the technical liaison in one of our 20 venues, and work with the Venue Director to ensure smooth transitions between performances. Under the direction of our technical directors, VPA's will become familiar with the equipment in their venue, and be trained on how to solve minor technical issues. Learn More

Volunteers: The FringeNYC staff is comprised almost entirely of volunteers. Volunteer staff people do everything, and get a groovy ALL ACCESS pass for FringeNYC and a fancy-shmancy title! Being a FringeNYC staff person is an EXCELLENT way to gain ACTUAL EXPERIENCE, ON-THE-JOB TRAINING, and REAL SKILLS. Learn More

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