March 28: “No Job For a Woman”: The Women Who Fought to Report WWII

Before World War II, war reporting was considered NO JOB FOR A WOMAN. But when American female reporters fought and won access to cover the war, there was another battle to fight: Women would be banned from the frontlines, prevented from covering Front Page stories, and assigned “woman’s angle” stories. Instead, they turned their second-class assignment into a new kind of war story: one that was more intimate yet more revealing.

Join this elite panel for a discussion on how women have made their way to the front lines, first as journalists covering conflict and now, as combatants participating in conflict zones across the globe. Special guests include Soledad O'Brien, Missy Ryan, Admiral Ann Rondeau, Kristen Rouse, Michele Midori Fillion, Leisa Meyerand, and Samantha Power.

The March 28th panel discussion is being hosted by NYU in Washington DC, but the event will be live-streamed beginning at 6:00 pm for those not in the DC area. Remote viewers will be able to watch the panel discussion and submit questions for the panelists in real time. Interested in hosting a viewing party? Contact Tom McIntyre at NYU Washington, DC for details on how to participate.